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Awards & Published Work

Explore the awards and published works of underwater photographer Shannon Moran.

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Highly Commended

British & Irish Underwater Photography Championship 2022

Awarded Highly Commended in the Macro category of the BIUPC, this competition is held annually in September. Photographers have a 24 hour window to create and submit up to three photographs. 

Octopus Boom in Cornwall

Cornwall Wildlife Trust

In Summer 2022 a boom in the population of Common Octopus was recorded in Cornwall. Working together with Cornwall Wildlife Trust my Octopus images were featured in a press release. This was subsequently published in National News both online an in print. This includes; BBC, ITV, The Guardian, The Independent, The Mirror, DiverNet.

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Wild Cornwall Feature

Cornwall Wildlife Trust Charity Calendar 2023

The new Wild Cornwall 2023 Charity Calendar features not one but three of my underwater images. The calendar is a wonderful celebration of local wildlife, check it out here >> 

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Honourable Mention

Chromatic Photography Awards

Honorable Mention: Wildlife and Animals (Professional cetegory) at the 2021 Chromatic Awards, International Colour Photography Contest.


Third Place 

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2020

"Lucky escape" Third place in the British Waters Living Together category at UPY2020

Highly Commended

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2020

"Shipwreck Shelter" Highly Commended in the British Waters Living Together category at UPY2020.

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Nature TTL

How to Photograph Anemones

Sea anemones are weird and wonderful creatures that can be found in shallow waters across the world’s oceans. At a depth both snorkelers and scuba divers can access, their accessibility makes them an excellent subject for underwater photography

Nature TTL


In early 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the globe and underwater photography, like many other hobbies, came to a grinding halt as lockdown restrictions were imposed across the UK and many other parts of the world.

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